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Join Us in Celebrating the Digital Creative Arts!

So Much More than a Film Festival

Digifest® Temecula 2024!

Step into a world of boundless creativity!! Immerse yourself in a 3-day dynamic digital arts festival. Where artists showcase their work, where attendees enjoy engaging presentations, dive into hands-on workshops, connect with like-minded creatives, network with industry experts, and revel in the excitement of receiving prestigious awards.

Presented by JDS Creative Academy, a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, this one-of-a-kind multimedia extravaganza promises an unforgettable experience for all!



DigiFest® Temecula 2024

Presented By

JDS Creative Academy



19, 20, 21


JDS Studio

28069 Diaz Rd. Suite D & E

Temecula, CA 92590

Be a part of the 8th Annual DigiFest® Temecula 3-Day Event Celebrating Creativity in Digital Media!

Hear Presentations by Industry Professionals, Network with like-minded creatives, experience

Hands-On Workshops and engage with fellow artists

Join us for an electrifying celebration of digital art, creativity, and community! DigiFest® 2024, is so much more than a film festival! We are igniting inspiration, fostering connections, and shaping the future of the industry.

Come be part of this transformative experience where passion meets innovation. Together, we'll create something truly extraordinary. Let's connect, collaborate, and unleash our collective creativity at DigiFest® Temecula 2024!

Diane Strand

Digifest Founder

& the #JDSFamily

Tickets Now AVAILABLE!!!


All Access PAsses

& Tickets

VIP Pass - $199 - BEST VALUE

⭐Includes Everything⭐

3-day Admission and Access to All 5 Events


✔ Swag Bag

✔ Exclusive Time with Speakers

✔ Lunch on Saturday

✔ One Complimentary Beverage of Choice Per Event Activity

All Access Pass – $125.00 ($155.00 Value)

Includes Everything: 3-day admission and access to all 5 events

All Access Pass Student - $100.00 ($120.00 Value)

Includes Everything: 3-day admission and access to all events.

Please bring Student ID to the ticket booth for check in

Friday Night - $30.00

Blue Carpet, Cocktails, Networking, Speakers, Entertainment

Friday Night Student - $20.00

Blue Carpet, Cocktails, Networking, Speakers Entertainment.

Please bring Student ID to the ticket booth for check-in

Saturday Day - $30.00

Speakers, Networking, Expo

Saturday Day Student - $20.00

Speakers, Networking, Expo.

Please bring Student ID to the ticket booth for check-in.

Saturday Individual Special Screening Ticket - $25.00

Saturday Individual Special Screening Ticket Student - $20.00

Please bring Student ID to the ticket booth for check-in.

Sunday Workshops - $30.00

Sunday Workshops Student - $25.00

Please bring Student ID to the ticket booth for check-in.

Sunday Awards - $40.00

Celebration, Food, Networking, Speakers, Entertainment

Sunday Awards Student - $35.00

Celebration Food, Networking, Speakers, Entertainment.

Please bring Student ID to the ticket booth for check-in

Virtual Online Experience - $45.00

Friday Night / Saturday Day / Awards Celebration


Be a part of a world where brilliance and innovation collide! From A-list talent, to directors, to writers, to animators, and Producers. We have it all! Network and hear from Emmy Award winners & Golden Globe recipients, our esteemed industry speakers and presenters boast impressive resume credits. Don't miss your chance to rub shoulders with these industry giants and ignite your own creative journey!

— Be inspired

— Network

— Collaborate

GET ACCESS TO THE BEST Industry Professionals in the Biz!


This event is MORE THAN JUST A FILM FESTIVAL, It's an experience that brings together creativity and opportunity.

When you secure your ticket, you’ll be a part of the magic! Engage in award winning digital art submitted in over a dozen categories, and build relationships that could last a lifetime and build your career!

Digital Media Categories:

Short Film & Video
Graphic Design
Game Design
Fine Art & Illustration
Website Design
Animation & Stop Motion
Music Video

This is YOUR chance to meet fellow creatives and artist, swap stories and gain tips - learn from from those that have traveled this road before you. The support you’ll find within this community is sure to boost your confidence, and create momentum as you become the creative your have always envisioned.

Hosted by JDS CREATIVE ACADEMY nonProfit 501(3)(c)

Dear Friends,

We're excited to share news about our up coming DigiFest® Temecula event, hosted by JDS Creative Academy.

As a nonprofit organization committed to empowering individuals through visual, performing and digital arts, DigiFest® Temecula aligns perfectly with our mission of fostering growth and recognition.

This festival serves as a vital platform for creators of all backgrounds, offering them the opportunity to showcase their work and receive feedback from industry experts.

For budding creatives and emerging talent whether your a student from high school or college or about to launch your creative professional dreams, DigiFest® Temecula provides a rare chance to gain exposure and validation. Even hobbyists and amateurs can participate, with the chance to win a prestigious Digi Award—a significant boost to anyone's portfolio.

Beyond showcasing creativity, this event is a networking haven, allowing attendees to connect with seasoned professionals and gain valuable insights into the industry. It's a unique opportunity to mingle with esteemed figures and forge meaningful connections.

With affordable ticket prices this is your chance to experience the charm of Temecula and its vibrant creative community. DigiFest® Temecula promises an enriching experience for all. From exciting presenters, to musical entertainment, to creative exhibits, awards and so much more This is an event you don't want to miss.

Join us at DigiFest® Temecula and become part of a celebration of our digital creativity, community.


To find out more about JDS Creative Academy, CLICK HERE

Together, let's celebrate creativity, community, and the power of digital art.


"This is a great festival that is super supportive of the artists. I really hope to attend in person someday, and definitely plan to submit new content in the future. I really appreciate their support of Indigenous artists."


"DigiFest really does live up to its name. I highly recommend that you submit to this festival, especially if you are a creator of other forms of digital media (even outside of film), particularly animation or graphic design. As a stop-motion animator, it is really exciting to see festival categories that celebrate and recognize multiple forms of the moving image! The communication was excellent and was executed by an awesome team of community-driven creators."


"Wonderful festival & fantastic people! They take great care of their guests & speakers, too."

Eileen Grubba

"A small local festival that packs a big punch. Amazing workshops. I learned so much!"

Teresa Deen

"I was not able to attend but the recap video made it look like a great time with some cool events. Stoked to pick up a win here :D"


"I'll be remiss if I didn't say it was an honor to be selected and win an award at this festival. Most importantly, the environment they created for filmmakers to learn from other industry professionals was invaluable. Looking Forward to attending again next year."


April 19, 20, 21

28069 Diaz Rd. Suite D & E

Temecula, CA 92590 | 951-296-6715

Digifest ® Temecula 2024 - All Rights Reserved